Shelter in Place Update

As a group the Doulas of the East Bay is adhering to California's important Shelter in Place restrictions. Everyone's safety and good health is a priority for us all.

We understand the concerns and challenges this presents to you. As our communities open up many of us are now offering in home and in hospital support where it is allowed. We are also fully prepared and dedicated to providing the support you need through virtual means. Please  check with each individual doula to see who is offering what type of support.
A doula's strength is in her presence and her voice - both of which we continue to provide!

About Us

Doulas of the East Bay is a group of birth and postpartum doulas who have chosen to come together to further the professionalism and quality of doula care in the East Bay Area. We have created this site as a resource for expectant families seeking trained and knowledgeable support during the childbearing year.

As birth professionals we understand our role as non-medical support people. We are present to nurture our clients and encourage positive, open communication with medical care providers. The doulas listed on this site have all undergone formal training, participate in continuing education, agreed to practice according to the doula scope of practice and participate in regular peer review. These important tenets of our group allow us to create a strong, ethical and committed community for the doulas involved and the families that we serve.

Each member of Doulas of the East Bay is a unique individual with varying interests, experience and training. We encourage you to take the time to interview more than one doula and to ask each doula about her philosophy, experience, training and fees. Through this process you can help to ensure a good fit and a positive experience with your doula.

We are passionate about providing excellent care in our community and  are thankful that you have chosen to visit our site. Please see the Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas sections of the site to find out more about us as individuals.

Current Volunteer Positions:

Blythe Lee: Webmistress/Membership
Shoshana Friedman-Hawk: Membership/Treasurer
Pamela Star: Meeting Coordinator