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Rosy Mulligan

Birth doula, Pre and postnatal Yoga teacher - Rosy is moving in May, so will only be accepting clients through April.

Phone: 516 782 8159

Email: rose@rosedoula.net


Birth has been a continuous thread of inspiration in my life. For as long as I can remember I was a part of new families, whether it was my own, a family I cared for, or pregnant mamas, I have always been attracted to and in awe of how we come to be. After attending a close friend's birth, I fell completely in love with birth,
and trained as a doula and a prenatal yoga instructor.
As your doula, my goal is to provide you with unconditional support, encouragement, and a strong presence throughout this normal and natural process.
It is my job to provide support and information in whatever setting you plan to give birth and to make sure you feel empowered and informed going into the birth.

It is a real privilege to be so intimately involved in a family’s journey through birth and parenthood.