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Sophia Harris

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Belly Casting

Phone: 818-261-0596



I am a birth and post partum doula, dancer, artist, and traveler. I discovered my passion for birth in a conversation with a friend about the birth of his daughter at their home. He described the experience of holding her and talking to her as she first gained consciousness in this life, and I was overcome. Before that I got my BA in Psychology with the intent to become a therapist, but inside I knew that wasn't for me. I yearned to know more about birth; I found that it is a place where many of my interests came together: filling the role of a support person, empowering women, healing, and activism.

Birth and the passage into parenthood are some of the most rich and transformative moments I've ever witnessed and I feel so fortunate to have found my path in this work. I love helping the birthing mama and her partner navigate this special time in their lives, uncover the tools within themselves to have a peaceful and empowering birth, and helping to ease the birth and post partum experiences while being mindful and appreciative of the countless lessons they teach us. I draw on hypnobirthing techniques, enhance the mind-body-spirit connection with mama and partner, utilize basic homeopathy, assist with nutrition, breast feeding, and help families settle into their new life with their new child. I assist medicated and unmedicated births in hospitals, birth centers and home births as well. I proudly support queer couples, and single mamas too. I serve mamas in San Francisco and the East Bay. I also make beautiful plaster belly casts that are available to view on my site. Please contact me with any questions, I would love to meet you!