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Stacia Biltekoff

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Phone: 510-543-8411

Email: staciadoula@yahoo.com 

Website: www.fullcircledoulagroup.com

Stacia Biltekoff has been serving families in the East Bay since 1991 with a background in early childhood development, social work and massage therapy. In 1998 she became nationally certified in massage with a specialty in injury treatment and prenatal massage. In 2001, shortly after giving birth, a few friends invited her to provide labor support for them and a doula was born. As a birth doula she has two goals: one is that through unconditional support, the information needed to give informed consent and non-judgmental guidance, the mother has an empowered birthing experience no matter the outcome. The other is that if there is a partner involved, the couple be given the space to experience the labor as an opportunity to strengthen their bond on their journey toward parenthood.

As a postpartum doula I come with a full bag of time tested baby soothing techniques and a belief in the inherent wisdom of parents so I can help families to ease their transition into parenthood. 

Training and Affiliations

    * DONA Birth Doula Training
    * Certified Message Therapist
    * Acupressure for Labor Training
    * Vice President of Birthways
    * Member of the Birth Choice Doula Collective