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Tabitha Ames

Birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, childbirth educator trainer, lactation educator

Phone: (925) 360-0817

Email: Tabitha@luminarybirth.com 

Website: www.luminarybirth.com

In 2005 I earned my Bachelor's of Science in Biology and Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, after which I worked as a Research Associate in a molecular biology lab. When I became pregnant with my first daughter late in 2007, my scientific background naturally led me to research all options on birth choices and support. I chose an out of hospital birth with my daughter at Sage Femme Midwifery Birth Center in San Francisco, CA, and after her birth in the summer of 2008, I knew that I had found my calling. I decided to make the career change toward helping to educate and support women surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond, beginning with my training as a Childbirth Educator through CAPPA.

While working on my Childbirth Educator certification, I supported 2 class participants during each of their births. It was an amzing feeling, and an honor to be invited into such a huge and momentus day in their lives. I knew I would be continuing on training as a doula to be able to support families during labor. I first trained as a Postpartum Doula in June 2010, and then as a Labor Doula in September 2010, both of which though CAPPA. I became a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator in August 2010, and a CAPPA Certified Labor Doula in November 2011.

I taught Childbirth Preparation classes at Sage Femme Midwifery from April 2009 until the birth of my second daughter in February 2011. I also taught my first series at BirthWays in Berkeley in August 2010 and continue to teach there at this time, while also serving on the Board of Directors as the BirthWays Vice President. In 2012 I became CAPPA's Northern California Childbirth Educator Trainer, holding trainings for aspiring Childbirth Educators or for certified individuals looking to complete their CEU's.