We welcome new members!

We are a group of Doulas working in the East Bay who have chosen to come together for the purpose of providing a professional front to the medical and local community. We also support our local Doula community through peer review and informational speakers for the purpose of learning and professional development. All doulas are welcome to attend our meetings.

Become A Member

If you would like to join Doulas of the East Bay and be posted on the website you must first:

1) Attend at least 3 meetings prior to joining.

2) Have attended at least five 5 births aside from your own for birth doulas, and/or have worked with a minimum of 3 families for postpartum doulas.

3) Once you have met these first two requirements please contact our membership coordinator, Shoshana, at: and let her know you would like to join and are ready for step 4. She will direct you through the remainder of the process.

4) Have an in person meeting with at least 2 of the following Membership Committee members: Blythe, Star, Shoshana or Sarah, so that we may personally get to know you more and ensure that you and the group will be a good fit together.

5) Agree to work within the Doula Scope of Practice. The DSOP must be signed annually and submitted with each year's dues.

6) Pay the $30 annual membership dues. The calendar year is May to April, thus dues need to be resubmitted every May, regardless of the last payment sent. 

*To maintain membership and listing on the website one MUST:

1) Have supported at least 2 births or postpartum families in the past year.
2) Attend at least 2 meetings every 6 months with 1 of those meetings being peer review meetings. **Members will need to self report attendance in the attendance database.**
3) Present at peer review at least 1 time per year.
4) Be current on membership dues.
5) Continue to practice according to the Doula Scope of Practice.

Being in violation of any of these is grounds for immediate removal, which depending on the situation may or may not lend to reinstatement.