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Blythe Lee

Birth Doula

Phone: 209-743-3349

Email: 3daughtersdoula@gmail.com

Covid-19 has dramatically changed women's birth experience. But it hasn't changed the essential needs of women to be prepared and have support! I am fully prepared to Doula from a distance, bringing my presence and voice to your labor and birth as I always have. 

I bring to my doula practice 8 years of midwifery experience from my partnership with a homebirth midwife in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's.  I have a Masters in Education and have spent 25 years working with pregnant couples, families, children and teens. As a DONA certified birth doula, I have found the perfect avenue for my two passions: birthwork and education.

My heart is to support women in achieving the positive and life affirming birth experience of their choice. Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are deeply intimate and wondrous experiences that I consider an honor and a privilege to share. Whether a woman chooses a hospital, birth center or home environment, I believe knowledge is key to personal empowerment, which is essential for a positive birth experience. And in this time of sheltering in these things are more important than ever! My goal is to provide the tools and knowledge you need to achieve the birth you want.