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Ilka Fanni

Birth Doula, Childbirth Education, Placenta Medicine, Rebozo instructor

Phone: 415 948 8056

Email: ilkafanni@gmail.com

Website: www.ilkafanni.com

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the shelter in place ordinance, our lives have changed and we need to adjust. It is still possible to get support and information to achieve the best birth experience you can have. I strive to offer as much support as I can in whatever way it is available. 

I now provide virtual doula care and in-home labor support. I'm available for Interviews, Prenatal preparation, labor coaching, and postpartum advice via video and phone support. Please reach out to get as much support and information as it is possible to get while sheltering in place.

Since my son's birth, I have been in deep awe and respect for birth and birthing women/people. I am devoted to support Birthing parents on this beautiful journey and help create the kind of birth they want for themselves and their babies. I strive to help partners to become the best labor support they can be. I am an advocate for women's/human rights, natural birth and healthy babies. I offer doula services, private and group childbirth education, Spinning Babies Parent Classes and placenta medicine.

My role as a doula is to provide the birthing parent and her partner with information and resources, prepare and support them physically, emotionally and spiritually through the initiation of birth, take care of the practical things so that they can pay attention to each other and their baby. I also provide information and support postpartum: with breastfeeding, newborn care, recovery, parenting resources, co-sleeping, babywearing, preventing and dealing with postpartum depression and counseling.